Make manual B2B payments a thing of the past

Make manual B2B payments a thing of the past


is the average cost of making a check payment, not counting the opportunity cost of lost AP projects


of businesses were targets of check fraud in a 2020 AFP Survey, while 55% faced some type of ACH fraud


of CFOs intend to make more electronic payments, like virtual cards, in the next year

MineralTree TotalPay

Your Key To Automated & Optimized Payments

MineralTree’s TotalPay payment automation solution is an extension of your AP team. It transforms your manual, labor-intensive payments workflow into an efficient process that is optimized to improve the security, speed, and costs of your B2B payments.

You still choose who gets paid, and when. MineralTree then takes over to ensure timely payments using the most suitable payment method. In addition, we take vendor management and support off your plate, so you can focus on high value activities.

TotalPay is the easiest path to automated and optimized payments, regardless of your industry, bank or team size.

Connect Any ERP Without an IT Project

With out-of-the-box integrations to a wide range of ERPs, TotalPay seamlessly connects to your accounting system without a big, costly IT project.

Automating Payments is easier than you think.

Why Automate & Optimize Payments?

There's so much to gain from overhauling your manual payments process

Enhance Security

Mitigate risk by maximizing ePayments, offloading the management of vendor payment details, and leveraging best-in-class security controls.


Increase Efficiency

Free up AP staff from onerous workloads by automating payment execution and eliminating vendor enrollment, management and support.

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Reduce Payment Costs

Optimize your payment mix to reduce the dependency on high-cost, high-effort payment methods like checks, and increase the usage of ePayments that generate rebates.


Simplify Reconciliation

Reconcile just once per payment run rather than reconciling individual payments as they are processed.

Retain Control

Determine which suppliers get paid when, and maintain visibility into payment status at all times.


Improve Supplier Experience

Delight your suppliers with timely payments, enhanced remittance, and an easy way to change payment preference or request status updates.

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