AP Automation and its Pivotal Role in Cash Management

Webinar Overview

It’s no surprise that Accounts Receivables gets the lion share of credit (pun intended) when it comes to cash, which is why so much emphasis is placed on tracking sales and revenues. But to many, it’s a surprise the Payables process is where they can make the most significant and controllable improvements in cash flow and management.

With a streamlined and automated payables process, businesses can realize extensive and immediate benefits of reduced costs, resources and timelines for invoice processing, while maximizing the income potential of their cash.

Join us as we discuss how a modern automated AP process can deliver game-changing results for the Finance Organization and the company as a whole:

  • Improve the overall efficiency of your payables processes
  • “Do more with less” – even remotely
  • Monetize your AP – maximize interest and discounts, generate payment rebates
  • Better manage creditor and vendor relationships
  • Reduce the risk of fraud
  • Optimize cash flow and working capital
  • You’ll learn valuable tips and strategies you can employ immediately, to digitize, and optimize your Payables process, and make a noticeable impact on the bottom line.