How Much Does AP Automation Cost?

You looked at accounts payable automation and are ready to move forward with a project. Now it’s time to investigate pricing. At MineralTree, our all-inclusive pricing is a volume-based approach that’s straightforward and easy to understand. When you add MineralTree to your business, you pay a one-time fee for onboarding and training and an annual fee based on invoice and payment volume.

With MineralTree, your organization benefits from unlimited users, unlimited document storage, automated invoice capture, and $100,000 in guaranteed online fraud protection. And if your invoice or payment volume changes, we will work with you to update your contract to avoid overage charges.

Getting a quote from MineralTree is simple. Besides your contact information, we need to know:

Your Accounting System

MineralTree’s AP Automation product integrates with four main systems: NetSuite, QuickBooks, Intacct, and Microsoft Dynamics GP. If you use a different system, we can help you automate payments.

The Number Of Invoices You Process

We’ll need to know the number of invoices you process on a monthly basis. Our invoice capture process consists of two pricing options: summary information or header and line level information. Summary information includes the vendor name, date, and amount. Line level information includes extracting of all line level details. It’s up to you on which you prefer.

Your Average Monthly Payments

In addition to invoice volume, we’ll need to know the number of payments you process each month. Our pricing model makes it easy to pay vendors via check, ACH, credit card, or a virtual, one-time use card. Unsure of your volume? We’ll work with you to figure it out.

And that’s it! These three answers are all we need to know to process a quote for you. Take the next step and get a pricing quote from MineralTree now.


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