Helping AP Teams Navigate today’s rapidly changing landscape

It clearly has been an unprecedented and unsettling past two weeks. Amidst all of the recent chaos, the one thing that has become apparent is the need for community. Communities take many different forms, but the community we have been hearing from is the global finance and Accounts Payables (AP) community.

Over the past week we have heard stories about the enormous pressure AP and Finance teams have been under to perform their duties in this rapidly changing environment. These stories made us ask ourselves what more we could be doing to help support the AP community and finance professionals, during this time. Here is our plan:

  1. First, enable Remote AP everywhere. As companies around the globe have shifted to work from home mode, managing AP efficiently, transparently, and securely in a remote setting is the topic on everyone’s mind. To help the AP community with the switch to working remotely we are:
    1. Offering training seminars and other tools to make sure that you are getting the most out of our AP Automation in a remote environment.
    2. If you are having trouble managing your paper invoices being sent to your office, we can help by setting up a dedicated PO Box for invoice receipt and scanning.
    3. Ready to assist in enabling entities that haven’t yet adopted AP Automation so they can put it in place quickly. We have put the resources in place to get new entities up and running in as little as a few days.
  2. Generate Cash Flow. Every finance team in the world is focused on cash flow amidst this pandemic. One of the best practices is to minimize checks and move more payments to electronic payments. MineralTree can help you turn AP into a cash generator.
  3. Assist the health care providers that are on the front lines of this pandemic. To help support their efforts, we will work diligently with frontline organizations on their AP automation needs. Provide them the critical support and tools needed to run their organizations and manage cash effectively during the pandemic so they can solely focus on patient care.
  4. Supporting you every step of the way. If you are ready to automate your AP, our dedicated team is ready to get you operational. We are offering training seminars and other tools to make sure you are getting the most out of our AP Automation solution. We are also standing by to answer your specific questions and respond to your needs.
  5. Advice on best practices (no strings attached). Even if you and your team aren’t ready to implement an AP Automation solution, our team of experts are happy to provide guidance on best practices to help you think of creative ways to manage your AP remotely.


We know the immense strain organizations are feeling right now as they look after the physical and fiscal health of their employees and companies. We are all in this together and we stand with you as you tackle the immediate need of managing your financial operations remotely and the longer term needs of managing cash more efficiently than ever.

Stay healthy and be well,

Micah Remley, CEO


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