Practical Payments Resolutions for 2021 that Finance Teams Can Keep


The truth is most New Year’s resolutions are set up to fail. That’s because they’re either too vague, too unrealistic, or focus on things that can’t be controlled.

For finance teams, payments goals often fall into the same trap: “stop writing checks,” “embrace ePayments,” or “improve supplier relationships.” While the intentions are good, these goals are doomed to fail for the same reasons that most personal resolutions–and gym memberships–are abandoned by February.

In this webinar, we will outline practical payments resolutions you can keep in 2021 in order to drive real business outcomes. For those just getting started, we’ll share insights into building a plan and business case for AP automation. Going beyond technology, we’ll also address key cultural, communication, and change management considerations to establishing and growing a successful ePayments program.

Attendees will discover:

  • Key AP lessons learned in an unprecedented 2020 and how they should inform 2021 payments goals
  • How to break big payments goals into manageable chunks and celebrate wins to build and sustain the momentum
  • Real-world examples of AP teams driving best-in-class adoption of ePayments and their secrets to success